Sunday, 4 April 2010

The Super Tube Telephone!!!!

Happy Easter everyone!!!!

We are having a day at home today! Jim is in the dining room sorting out some camera stuff, the children are in the garden building a wonderful 'super tube telephone', Riley is in his crate having a rest from trying to destroy the 'super tube telephone' and i am having 10 minutes peace from all of them, although i can still hear the banging of the childrens construction work!! but atleast they are not coming in every few seconds to 'tell' on one another! The 'super tube telephone' has kept them very busy this afternoon so far, so busy in fact that they have forgotten to argue and call each other names! wow, i thought i would never see the day! lol

Here is a picture of the 'super tube telephone' (Joe named it by the way) in the making!!!


  1. Hi Liz
    Thanks for visiting my blog & adding as a follower. I've added to yours so I can come back for a visit. Your cards are lovely & so are your children - -- oh & the dog lol!!

    Sharon x

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